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MxUptime Email Security Solutions

MxScan for MailEnable Product Overview 

MxScan (for Mailenable) is an email security software plugin that provides enchanced Anti Spam and Anti Virus security scanning for MailEnable email servers. The plugin has been designed specifically to work with MailEnable and comes with a built in installer and configuration manager.

The solution consists of 2 main parts. A very lightweight MTA Plugin (MxScanME.exe) which moves the message files to a temporary processing folder and the main scanning engine (MxScanEngine.exe) which runs as a Windows Service and then processes the emails before returning it to the Incoming Queue for normal processing. This biggest advantage of this model is that it provides a high level of compatibility, has better performance and uses lower CPU cycles compared to traditional filtering engines that do not use a Windows service.

MxScan is available in two different flavours. A Lite version is available free of charge for private, non-profit or educational user. For Commercial use, a Professional Version backed by a support agreement and a host of additional enterprise level features is also available.

Current Feature Set of MxScan for Mailenable

Lite Pro
Works with all editions of Mailenable
Designed and optimized to work with the Mailenable MTA (Message Transfer Agent)
Easy MSI installation and setup, complete with a configuration tool to monitor, configure and manage the scanning engine
Runs as a Windows Service for better performance
Filters SMTP-IN messages (Inbound queue)
Filters SMTP-OUT messages (Inbound queue)
Private, non-profit or educational use
Commercial use (i.e ISP, Hosting, Service Provider,etc)
Multi Threaded Scan Engine
Ability to configure settings by Domain Level vs Global
Technical Support (Free 5 Support Incidents)
Does not Insert an "Unregistered notice" in the message header (not visible in the email unless headers are viewed)
1 Year of FREE Software Upgrades/Patches NA
Customizable mutiple spam filtering actions depending on the customizable spam score such as:
    - Ignore(No Action) 
    - Subject Tagging
    - Insert custom Message Header
    - Quarantine Message
    - Forward Message as attachment to another Email
    - Delete message 
    - Move to Inbox Spam Folder (Pro. Version only)

Domain Level Settings for Filter Actions vs Global
Spam Filter ShortCircuit
(with built in Filter ShortCircuit)
Spam Filter ShortCircuit to reduce overall processing time
[Stage1] SaneSecurity Scam and Phishing Signature Filters
[Stage2] Country Score Filtering
[Stage3] 1 Works with MessageSniffer NEW! (*requires a extermal subscription for the daily RuleBase updates)
[Stage4] Multiple ReverseDNS blacklisting.
[Stage5] Multiple Public URLBL blacklisting and Private URLBL service 3 (MXURI) **
[Stage6] Built-In SpamAssassin (running in SpamD daemon for high performance)
   - Built-In and Bundled with Win32 build of SpamAssassin
   - SpamAssassin ruleset updater
   - Communicates via TCP Sockets directly to SpamD
[Stage7] Integration with with DCC (Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse) anti-spam content filter.
[Stage8] BackScatter filters to block unsolicited email bounces 
[Stage9] Senderbase IP Reputation and Volume Magnitude analysis 
Automatically add IPs from messages with certain scores and criterias to the SMTP Inbound IP Blocklist
Blocks and drops a connection during SMTP dialogue
Removes IP from blocklist after specified Interval
Manage IP Blocklist
Set and Manage IP Blocklist Whitelist
Automatically add IPs from messages from local spamtrap addresses to an IP Blacklist
Removes IP from blacklist after specified Interval
Manage IP Blacklist
Set and Manage IP Blacklist Whitelist
Offers Built-in AntiVirus detection at NO Extra Cost and NO yearly fees.
Bundled with ClamAV SOSDG
High performance Win32 built-in ClamD (ClamAV) daemon for antivirus scanning. No additional 3rd party software install required.
Communicates via TCP Sockets directly to ClamD without the use of clamdscan for better IO performance. No additional 3rd party software install required.
Automatically updates Clam Virus signatures on a daily basis
Global Keyword Filters
Global MxScan Filters
Custom MxScan Filters
Attachment Filters
Regex capabilities giving the administrator the ability to create custom SPAM signatures
Able to check for keyword content in Headers, Subject and Message Body
Customizable whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities.
Able to work behind gateway or frontend servers correctly for the RDNS/IP blacklisting by ignoring the gateway IP Address. 
Integrated White/Black Listing 
 - Country whitelist/blacklist
 - IP Address whitelist/blacklist
 - Sender whitelist/blacklist
 - Recipient   whitelist/blacklist
Can optionally block all non-whitelisted email (for anti-spam zelots).
Domain Level Settings for WhiteList/Blacklist vs Global
Set and monitor RDNS Blacklist such as Spamcop and Spamhause on specified intervals to check if an IP is listed
Notify and Alert via email when an IP is found to be listed in the blacklist
Manage list of RDNS BL servers to check against
Manage list of IP addresses to check for
Set and monitor the SMTP Outbound Queue. Can be used as an early bulk email warning system to alert the system administrator when bulk email activity is detected
Built in Log Viewer and Statistics
Keeps spam statistics for your site.
Realtime Activity Monitor
Additional Reporting Features in Log Viewer 
Export Partial/Full Log Files to a tab Delimited file
Analyze overall effectiveness of the various spam filters (Pie Chart)
Emailed Daily Summary Report showing overall statistics and breakdown by PostOffice (For Administrators)
Emailed Daily Domain Summary Report showing overall statistics and breakdown by Domain (For clients)
Message Archiving
- Ability to configure archiving by Domain
- Option to Zip up archive to save disk space
Message Indexing and Searching
- Ability to configure indexing by Domain
- Search Archive and index
Extract Message from Archive
Domain Level Settings for Filter Actions vs Global
Built in Quarantine manager to access and manage all emails quarantined (Delete or Release)
Spam Quarantine Settings
** Message Disclaimers / Footers 4 -OBS-
- Ability to configure Disclaimers on a domain level setting
Enable/Disable Spam and Virus checking on a domain level
FREE $339/server
System Requirements and Compatibility

Anyone with concerns on compatibility should first download the Freeware version and run it on their systems to make sure everything works correctly and the way they want before purchasing the Professional Version. MxScan is officially supported on Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 operating systems. It will work with either the Standard, Professional or Enterprise versions of MailEnable.

Starting with version 3.x onwards, NET 4.x Full Framework is required

Notes :

1. Requires a separate subscription for Message Sniffer. Contact us for details.

2. When ordering the Professional version you will receive a license key which you can then apply
to the Professional version install (available as a separate download from the Customer Portal Area).

3. MxURI is a Private URL Blacklist service from MxUptime. Professional users with an Active
Software Maintenance can access this service.

4. Due to compatibility reasons, the message disclaimers/footers has been marked obsolete.
Clients are adviced to use the native Mailenable "Integrated Global Footers/Disclaimers" instead

: Feature not available or applicable
: Feature available