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MxUptime Email Security Solutions

MXScan for MailEnable 


MXScan is an email security plugin that provides enhanced security scanning for MailEnable email servers. The plugin comes with a built in installer and configuration manager.

The solution consists of 2 main parts. A very lightweight MTA Plugin (MxScanME.exe) which moves the message files to a temporary processing folder and the Core scanning engine (MxScanEngine.exe) which runs as a Windows Service and then processes the emails before returning it to the Incoming Queue for normal processing. The biggest advantage of this model is that it provides a high level of compatibility, has better performance and uses lower CPU cycles compared to traditional filtering engines that do not use a Windows service. MxScan is available in two different flavours.

A Lite version is available free of charge for private, non-profit or educational use. For Commercial use, a Professional Version backed by a support agreement and a host of additional enterprise level features is also available.  

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Message Sniffer (Optional - 3rd Party) 

Message Sniffer is a command-line anti-spam scanner that uses advanced pattern recognition technology to accurately identify spam. The engine is multi-platform running on Windows, Linux and BSD systems. A unique, downloadable spam database is available via subscription and is updated multiple times daily by spam analysts and intelligent monitoring systems.

Message Sniffer captures more than 98.5% of spam without tuning. This is not marketspeak! This statistic is calculated by our monitoring system using data from spamtraps, user spam submissions and a comparative analysis with several dozen high quality spam tests. 

* Message Sniffer is an optional add-on for MxScan that provides advanced heurestics spam detection recognition.
* Mxscan Professional has built-in support for Message Sniffer which can be activated by purchasing a Sniffer yearly subscription.   

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SaneSecurity Online Signature Decoder (Free Lookup) 


Free online utility to lookup and decode the SaneSecurity and related signature patterns. This should aid in identifying the signature content and help in the reporting of False Positives.

Online Lookup 


MxScan combines various well known antispam scanning techniques such URL Blacklist, DNS Blacklist, keyword scanning and heuristics to classify emails as spam.

The Professional version combined with the optional MessgeSniffer subscription provides an extremely effective antispam solution at a fraction of cost of other commercial antispam appliances.