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MxScan Professional Version support

Professional users are entitled to full Email and Online support (M to F : 10am-5pm). Each New MxScan Professional license comes with 5 complimentary support vouchers.  Additional vouchers can be purchased if necessary.

All support inquiries should be submitted through the [Customer Portal] area. If for any reason you do not have the login details for the Portal, you can use the 'Forgotten Password' link to retrieve your login information.

We will do our best to resolve all issues pertaining to MxScan. If the issue cannot be resolved via email we may also request that you provide us with temporary RDC access. Please allow up to 2 business days for all replies (normally earlier).

However, if the issue is something outside of MxScan you are encouraged to contact the developer/publisher or your systems administrator directly. Below are some of the issues we will be unable to assist you with and we will have to refer you elsewhere :

  • Support for MxUptime products and /or versions that have expired or which is no longer under active Software Maintainance.
  • General Networking problems
  • DNS issues, configuration and setup 
  • Diagnosis or support of third party products (e.g. operating systems and network software).
  • General issues regarding your Email software (i.e MailEnable usage/configuration questions which should be directed to MailEnable's paid support)

Freeware Version

Please take note that there is No official support for the Freeware Lite Versions of our software at this point of time. The Freeware Lite version is provided on a as-is basis. However users of the Freeware version have the option of purchasing support vouchers for official support.

Bug Reporting

All bug reports for any version of MxScan can be sent to Please provide as much information as possible. 

What to do in case of an emergency?

Please refer here


For general information regarding MxScan please take a look at the ReadMe file which is included with your default installation.

For additional documentation please refer to our online Wiki located at

MxScan also has in Built-in Help feature which is represented by a help Icon  by the side of all the main Modules/Features in the MxScanConfig application manager. You can click the  icon   for additional information.


Looking for Additional Information?

Please take a look at our Online Wiki/KB.


Need assistance?

MxScan Professional users can Login to the Customer Portal to submit a ticket.