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MXScan has been bullet proof so far, thought you might like to see what its doing on a Saturday! there are a few more passes on week days but spam still makes up 85% even on a good day, i'll say this again, this is the best security solution for ME that has ever been written, its worth much more than you sell it for. My CPU usage is down from over 75% to between 2 and 10% on average.

Again well done to you and your team, it has helped me keep happy customers with minimal hardware, I was considering a major hardware upgrade, due to CPU and Disk overheads of the previous solution’s I was using, this is now not necessary saving well over a £100 /mth not upgrading to SCSI RAID and Quad Core CPU machine, in fact I think I could easily triple the load on the system with a high degree of confidence that it would breeze it.

Nick Rogers
WideWeb UK


We were using MX Logic before on select postoffices...they were pretty flawless. With them I usually saw one spam message a week or so. About 80% of the mail to our particular postoffice is spam. We have had MxUptime running for about 48 hours so far. I have only received 1 spam message. I went and turned Razor2 on, so hopefully that will help.

Overall, I'll have to say I am really impressed, bordering on thrilled. We have messed around with MailEnable's Bayesian and greylisting for a year or so. Every time we tightened up spam filtering with mailEnable we spent hours on the phone explaining to clients why their emails were blocked. Even with that we were still getting plenty of spam. In the past 48 hours we have not had a single complaint about a false positive with MxScan. This might be what I am most happy about! Nice work!

Spence Hackney



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